Eye Mirror

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All videos shot with the GoPro Black and GP360 lens.

Showing the possibilities of a head cam. Never miss that passing move.
Shot on a bright summers day in England.........
Shot at 3020x3020@22FPS

This video was shot entirely underwater, with underwater scooters.
Watch out for the turtles.Thanks to Ryan and Sarah.
Early test shot at 2800x2800@15FPS

Early test video before we had found the limits of the GoPro Black and our lens
Shows Skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing, kite boarding and snorking.
Shot at 2000x2000@24 FPS

Shot on paramoter by Dan my business partner.
Shot at 3020x3020@22FPS

Showing the true quality you can get with the lens on a bright day.
Mounted the GoPro to a windsurfing boom, using a standard GoPro
Handlebar mount. The held above my head.
Shot at 3020x3020 @20fps and slowed 50% using twixtor.